We are happy to serve you again, but in view of the novel corona virus pandemic, we have put in place certain safety measures as your health and safety is most important to us.

As we endeavour to ensure a minimal contact experience for your safety, we have put in the place the following measures, request you to kindly co-operate and enjoy our reflexology session with complete peace of mind.

  • Please book your appointments before you come, we are stricly working on by appointments only.
  • Please allow our front-office to check your temperature.
  • Please sanitize your hands once you enter, our therapists will sanitize your feet.
  • Please share all contact details on every visit if you haven't booked your appointment online.
  • Please keep your mask on during the duration of the therapy.
  • We will not be offering the Back/Arm/Shoulder massages for some time to ensure social distancing.
  • We will not be offering any upper body towels.
  • Pay online or through card only.
  • We will not be serving green-tea and nuts till the pandemic threat passes.

We on our part, ensure.

  • All our therapists' temperature is checked at regular intervals throughout the day.
  • The uniforms are sanitized and disinfected daily.
  • They wash their hands before and after every session and also sanitize their hands before they even touch you.
  • The therapists' will have their mask on throughout the therapy.
  • That every spa station is completely sanitized and dis-infected after every use.
  • Our front desk, sofas and door handles are dis-infected regularly.
  • We maintain social distancing by not accepting more than 5 appoinments at one time.
  • The Rate Card and Package Offers are clearly printed and place for you to read, Please do not touch.